You are like Gold which Need to Shine

"Self control is strength; Right thought is mastery; Calmness is power". Those were some of the ending sentences of James Allen's As A Man Thinketh, which I just finished reading.

The book is so rich and it got me thinking if the writer were a spoken word artist, because there was hardly any sentence in it which didn't cause my mind to leap to the feeling that I was reading to myself some well knitted poetic lines of some sort.

The 33-page book explains how with self control, and rightful thinking, man has his destiny in his hands to make or to toil with.

It's such a motivational read. Maybe you should check it out. I'm ready to place a soft copy through if you so wish.

The bottom line is: You are like gold which glints in the light to spark a shine. Enlighten your mind so you could shine.

Thanks and do have a lovely day.



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